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How does EXD analysis work? Tips from a SEM Lab

Understanding EDX Analysis

EDX analysis stands for “energy dispersive X-ray.” It’s a technique that’s used to conduct an elemental analysis or of a sample. Because of this EDX relies on generating some interaction between the sample and the X-ray.

How Does EDX Analysis Work?

It works because every element has it’s own unique properties and atomic structure. This means that a specific element will create its own distinctive peaks and valleys on the emission spectrum of X-rays.

This technique might be used by a variety of different devices. These devices include different kinds of electron microscopes, spectrometers, and so on. Basically, there is a detector that converts the energy of the X-rays into signals of voltage.

These signals get sent to a process that measures them and passes them to the an analyzer that might be included in the device or from external software. Finally, the signals are displayed in a form that the user can read and interpret. In the end, the signals may be read on a monitor as a chart or in some other kind of form that’s useful for the user.

Benefits Of EDX Analysis

There are several benefits to using this kind of elemental analysis to determine the properties of a coal ash analysis sample.

These are some benefits of EDX analysis to consider:

* For one thing, the sample can be quite small, so there is no need to gather a large quantity of the item to be studied.

* This is a non-invasive technique, so the analysis doesn’t change the properties of the sample or destroy it.

How To Get EDX Analysis Done?

To properly perform this kind of analysis, you need to have the right equipment and the people who know how to interpret results correctly. SEM labs in universities and scientific companies usually have the equipment and the people to perform this kind of analysis. The equipment represents an investment, but so does the talent who can use this kind of sophisticated equipment correctly.

SEM Analysis courtesy of microvisionlabs.com

What can you do if you need an EDX analysis but have no idea how to get the equipment or somebody to help you use it? If you or your business needs this done for you, you can also find private companies that will accept your sample and give you a report upon their findings. For most one-off jobs, this is a very sensible way to get an EDX analysis done correctly and affordably.